Vehicle air conditioning systems leak a little freon each year, even when new and properly sealed. After several years of use, freon charge levels can dip low enough that the system won't turn on or the air won't be very cold. As long as there isn't large leaks or damaged components, a recharge to proper system levels can get it working again.

Vehicle AC system pressures can reach 350PSI or more in normal operation, so working on it at home without properly discharging the system can be dangerous, and discharging it without proper recovery equipment is illegal. Make an appointment today and we'll handle the rest!

$70 AC Recharge and Test

Our AC Recharge and Test includes all the freon and labor to properly charge the system, perform leak and pressure tests, and evaluate the system operation. If the system won't work, we'll spend up to 30 minutes for free to find out what is wrong and then provide you with a written quote for repairs. If extended diagnostic is required (for electrical control issues), we'll discuss our findings and give you the option to continue with our base diagnostic charge of $50.

AC Recharge and Test Recharge System, Leak Test, Performance Check $70

Evacuate and Recharge

Did you do your own repairs? If so, we highly recommend having us perform an AC Evacuation and Recharge. When an AC system is open to the atmosphere, humid air will enter the system and can saturate the drying components inside the accumulator. This humid air must be removed before recharging or the water can turn acidic and ruin the remaining parts of the system. We vacuum the system for 1 hour and then recharge with the proper amount of freon and oil.

Evacuate and Recharge Vacuum system for 1 hour and Recharge $130


Our local Dodge dealer mailed us a coupon offer for their "AC System Perfomance Check" for $59.95. The fine print says they don't include freon or check for leaks. What is it that they do for $59.95????

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