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Our diagnostic processes performed by our ASE Master Certified Staff go far beyond what many other shops offer - in fact, many shops use us when they can't get a vehicle figured out. We provide very detailed information about the process, tests, and results of each diagnostic procedure so you not only know the cause and correction for your concern, but what you spent your money on. Our standard diagnostic fee is $62.50 and is sufficient enough for 90% of the vehicles we work on. If extended diagnostic time is needed, we'll let you know before we move forward. You're always in control of your repairs at our shop!

Midwest Auto Services - Free Check Engine Code Reading

Free Code Reading

Reading codes is very easy with modern code readers, and we don't charge to do it. The real challenge is knowing what the codes mean, what caused them, and what the proper fix will be. Codes are a RESULT of something the computer sensed was out of the ordinary. In many cases, the code doesn't link directly to a failed component. We're happy to review what your vehicle is telling us and will try to recommend a proper path to repair, or advise you if further diagnosis is needed. We can read engine, transmission, air bag, body, brake, or any of the other computer or controllers in the vehicle.

Midwest Auto Services - Oil Leak Diagnostics

Oil Leak Diagnostics

Determining the source of an oil leak can be difficult. Some leaks are hidden by engine parts or covers, others are so messy that seeing the source is almost impossible. We start by adding a special UV active dye to the engine oil and, using a powerful blacklight, attempt to find the leak. This works for most active and large leaks. For smaller leaks, we clean the suspect areas and have you return at a later date to check for the source. This method is far less expensive than guessing a replacing gaskets and seals.

Midwest Auto Services - Electrical Diagnostics

Electrical Diagnostics

Finding the cause of intermittent electrical issues, battery draws, blown fuses, and continuously failed components can be frustrating and time consuming. Some shops want a blank check for electrical diagnostics... we don't. We're very experienced in automotive electrical systems and vehicle communication networks (CAN, LIN, and MOST). We take a measured approach in our diagnostic paths, provide you step by step results, and let you stay in control of your budget.

Midwest Auto Services - Head Gasket Diagnosis

Head Gasket and Block Diagnostics

A loss of coolant without an external leak could be the result of a cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, or engine block problem. In addition, engines that are overheated can be damaged in such a way that basic repairs are not enough to get the engine back in proper running order. We utilize a chemical test that detects carbon monoxide within the cooling system. In normal circumstances, this gas is a byproduct of the combustion cycle that should go out of the exhaust. In cases where internal engine damage has occourred, this gas can be forced under pressure into the cooling system and detected by this chemical. In addition, an oil and coolant quality test is performed to detect cross contamination of engine fluids.

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