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We Honor All
Extended and Aftermarket Policies

If you purchased an Extended Warranty or Aftermarket Service Policy with your car and don't want to return to the dealer, we can help you! We're happy to do the legwork to get all policies to pay for what you purchased. There are many companies and options, so pre-approval is usually required before any services are performed.

We Accept All Policies

We've worked with dozens of policy providers over the years. Sure, some are better than others, but we'll always try to get the most coverage out of them so you'll pay only your deductible and share according to your policy requirements. Warranties from MBPI, Zurich, USAA, CarChex, Autopom, AA, and Warranty Direct are simple pre-approvals, others may require diagnostic fees to be paid by you before approval. Feel free to bring in your policy documents or email us the policy number, vehicle VIN, and administrator telephone number and we'll call to see what we can do for you.