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"These are good people."
Julie Homicki, 2018

Jim Clark - President, ASE and GM Master Technician

Jim is a Double ASE Master and L-1 Advanced Drivability Certified Technician who also has numerous General Motors Master Certifications and over 30 years hands on experience repairing and restoring vehicles. We have an entire wall displaying about 1/4 of the credentials and certifications he's earned over the years. He spends most of the day in the shop providing top quality repairs and helping the guys get our client's vehicles back on time and on budget. Jim served as the Shop Foreman for several General Motors Dealers and was a leading Service Manager for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

He grew up in Chicago and moved to Kansas City nearly a decade ago, but somehow still has the Chicago accent. Feel free to pick on him, or at least, make fun of 'Da Bears.

Brian Peck - Director of Operations

Brian handles our back end business operations most days, but he's out in the shop when we're busy or when the European cars show up. Brian attended Ohio University as a double major in Business Administration and Telecommunications. He is an ASE Certified Parts Specialist and repaired, restored, and raced Porsche, BMW, Audi, VW, Volvo, and Mercedes vehicles at the International Performance Center in Atlanta. He held positions as a Parts Manager for a General Motors dealership and worked as a General Manager for Advance Auto Parts in the Kansas City market. He previously held licenses as a commercial transportation insurance adjuster and spent over 10 years directing and producing in the radio broadcasting industry.

We think he must own a significant amount of stock in Folgers; he drinks coffee all day. He's also our tech and electrical guy. If the computers aren't working, blame him; or if we fix a crazy electrical problem on your car, thank him! He's a pretty good scapegoat, so really, blame him for anything.

Dan Kliethermes - Service Advisor

Dan is our service advisor and one heck of a nice guy. He attended Longview Community College and focused in the Automotive Technology Program. More often than not, he is the voice you will hear when you call or the face you see first when you visit our shop. His role as service advisor is to help you to understand what our technicians recommend for repairs and services in a language that isn't shop speak. He's worked in the automotive industry as a service advisor for most of his life - in small and large shops as well as dealerships. His commitment to honesty is just like the rest of ours - sometimes he gives good news, sometimes he gives bad news, but he always gives the truth.

We heard that he was his high school mascot - although no actual proof has been found. When we ask what his mascot was, he won't say.. but the rumor is that the high school got a grant from Disney right around the time Goofy was added to Mickey Mouse's cartoons. Dan is 5 foot something and most certainly goofy, and can do the Goofy holler with ease.

Mike Archer - Master Technician

Mike, our Heavy Line Technician, is ASE Master Certified in Automobile, Light Truck, and Diesel Engine and has a large number of General Motors Master Certifications. Like Jim, we have a wall displaying some of the certifications and honors he's earned over more than 30 years. Mike is well versed on import vehicles and is a master of the really hard jobs. Many other shops use us to handle their difficult work because of Mike's dedication to quality and his superior diagnostic abilities. He's worked in heavy line and drivability positions for several General Motors Dealers.

He has a strange fascination with drinking iced tea from a Ball Mason Jar, and is the king of solitaire.

Dylan Kliethermes - Line Technician

Dylan was a student of the General Motors ASEP training program and continues to gain advanced certifications through ACDelco NATEF. He's very knowledgeable about Mitsubishi, Volvo, BMW, Audi, Mini, and Mercedes and has evolved into our heavy line engine and transmission technician. His attention to detail and eye for quality makes him a perfect fit for our shop.

He's a little guy, so we give him the tight interior jobs and keep him inside on the windy days for fear he may blow away.

Scott Anderson - Line Technician

Scott is a graduate for Fort Osage's CTC program and is working to complete his Applied Sciences Degree at MCC Longview. He received his ASE Certification in 2018. He is very detail focused and has taken all the work we've provided to him like a seasoned pro.

Scott is very quiet. We suspect he's doing high level calculus in his head so he can get his BA in Electrical Engineering next year. Hopefully he'll take some of the load off Brian, who is great with electrical problems but terrible at calculus.

Daniel Black - Master Technician

Daniel is a graduate of the Aviation Institute of Maintenance and holds several ASE certifications. He's approaching a decade of in shop repair experience with a wide variety of vehicles from heavy truck, race cars, show cars, and daily drivers.

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