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"Great place to have your vehicle worked on with fair pricing to match!"
- Richard Davis, 2019

Nearly every service and repair we perform comes with a 2 year - 24,000 mile parts and labor warranty. This means you pay nothing to have it serviced or repaired again in the event of a parts or installation failure. And it's not just at our shop - our partner network of over 35,000 shops nationwide will honor the warranty! From dealerships to independent shops, you're covered!

Nationwide Warranty

Click on the warranty logo to download the terms and conditions of our warranty. If you are outside of the Kansas City area, please call our warranty administrator at 1-800-217-8946. You'll need the date, mileage, and repair order number of your last service. We can provide this to you during normal business hours if you don't have your invoice with you.

If you are in the Kansas City area, you must return to our shop for warranty service.

Repairs using used parts, parts supplied by you, or other service and repairs indicated as "NO WARRANTY" on the invoice are not eligible for warranty.

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