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Learn about your vehicles brake system and trust your evaluation and repair to Midwest Auto Services in Blue Springs, MO!

Most vehicles today have brake systems that are very complex. The basic components are master cylinder, brake booster, brake lines, calipers, rotors, and on some older vehicles or systems, brake shoes, wheel cylinders and drums. The newer vehicles have Anti-Lock Brakes, electric parking brake systems, Adaptive Cruise braking, Collision avoidance and other controls.

What is all that stuff? Good Question.

The basic system components are called the Service Brake system. This is used each time you apply the brake which will bring the vehicle to a controlled stop. The newer vehicles have enhancements to the basic system, which work in conjunction with the basic components to provide additional safety for the occupants in the event of a skid, panic braking event or crash avoidance event.
Although they are always present and ready to protect you, the enhancements are still just add-on systems that generally do not affect the performance or operation of the Service brake system unless certain criteria are met. So why are my brakes noisy, or shake when I apply them?
There are many reasons that brakes do not perform well. Improper or poor service, poor quality parts, driving habits such as late stops or brake riding, lack of proper maintenance or other factors can affect brake life and stopping quality.

MIdwest Auto Services professional technicians are trained and have hands on experience with both the basic systems and the enhancements. This allows us to fully understand and service your vehicles complex system enhancements as well as perform service and maintenance on the basic systems most people are familiar with.

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Does your steering wheel shake when braking?


The braking system has many variables that could be causing this. It’s best to have your vehicle inspected by professionals like at Midwest Auto Services in Blue Springs, MO.



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