Is your Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light on?
Do you have multiple caution and warning illuminated on the dashboard?
Does your vehicle start hard, run rough, misfire or stall?

Driveability is likely the most misunderstood aspect of automotive service today. “pulling codes” to correct an issue is a small part of a complete evaluation. Codes do not mean part failures. They direct the knowledgeable technician to an area that needs attention or may be a result of multiple failures that affect the overall performance of the vehicle. We must consider the bigger picture if you are to successfully repair the trouble. Proper interpretation of your vehicles trouble codes, along with the
symptoms you are likely experiencing, coupled with a knowledgeable and professional evaluation of your vehicles unique needs is the key to a successful repair. The savvy and informed owner will know that the list of possible “failures” they receive from the “free check” at the parts store is nothing more than a shopping list provided to “guess” the problem away. Is “guessing” really what you want to spend your hard earned money on? Is “you tube” or other outlets for information really YOUR particular trouble, or is it another “guess”? Be smart. Have a professional evaluation of your concern performed by experienced A.S.E. Master Technicians instead of the “guess” repair method. Midwest Auto Services can provide you with an objective evaluation of
your concern, an estimate in writing for any recommendations made, any options available for your repair and the satisfaction of knowing you didn’t “guess” about your unique and particular concern.